Tubing Reclamation / Repairs

Inspection Unit

During an Electro-Magnetic Inspection (EMI), a transducer, or search coil, passes through magnetic flux lines that exist outside a pipe’s wall. These flux lines indicate the presence and orientation of any imperfections, which are then detected by an inspection station.

Our EMI inspection utilizes four electronic inspection functions and employs the use of 6000, 5700, and 5500 units. These units inspect longitudinal and transverse imperfections, wall thickness variation, and can detect grade comparison on tubing and casing ranging in size from 1.315” through 13-3/8”.
Before EMI inspection, used tubing is cleaned using one of our Cleaners.

Cleaning Unit

West Coast Pipe Inspection’s cleaning unit provides I.D. and O.D. cleaning for oilfield tubing, drill pipe, and casing. The unit comes equipped with various brushes for removing scale from the O.D. of the pipe as well as I.D. scale removal. In addition, the unit has an air lance that runs inside the pipe to remove the residue after scaling. The material is full-length drifted during the cleaning process.

Scan Systems Corp

DT-3100Mtm Electro Magnetic