Quality Control

J.D. Rush | Quality Control

At J.D. Rush Company, Inc., our family of affiliated companies is committed to maintaining an environment of continual improvement. Through our quality control plan, we emphasize defect and variation prevention and strive to reduce waste. Also, our plan establishes processes, documents, and needed resources to continually improve the overall effectiveness of each of our organizations.


To keep our family of companies strong, our executive management team is fully involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the quality control plan. As we aspire towards continual improvement of the plan, the executive team plays a key role in judging effectiveness, providing adequate resources, and bringing on qualified personal to best implement our quality control system.


The combination of our dedicated staff, valued business partnerships, and overall leadership has culminated in great success for our family of companies. Most importantly, we embrace only the most promising ideas in building effective collaborations; therefore, we remain actively engaged at every level from the early stage of development to the late stage of licensing. Our team continually seeks out the most innovative product candidates and technologies to complement our in-house capabilities and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.