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J.D. Rush, Inc.

We first opened our doors in Los Angeles, California in 1933 as an Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) distributor. But after four generations of ownership, growth, and expansion, J.D. Rush is now headquartered in the heart of Central California; moreover, our business sprawls across more than 100 acres of land!

As the oil and gas industry expanded over the years, so have our customers’ needs. By the early eighties, we understood that to serve our customers better, we needed to expand our capabilities. Therefore, our goal was to cut costs and add value. Also, the best way to do that is to provide a wider range of services right here at one location. Today, J.D. Rush represents both domestic and foreign seamless and ERW pipe manufacturers, which allows us to offer a range of sizes (from 2 3/8” to 20”) and grades (J through Q125). Besides, the manufacturers offer proprietary grades and can fulfill customer requirements that may exceed API specifications.

The family of domestic J.D. Rush companies currently includes:

Tryad Service Corporation: Focuses on down-hole integrated products and services;

West Coast Pipe Inspection: Provides our inspection and reclamation services;

Weststar Trucking: Adds transportation and logistics to our capabilities;

Trymax International: A joint venture alongside MC Tubular Products Inc., which is currently the only authorized SuperMax (SMAX) manufacturer in North America;

J.D. Rush Corporation is a J.D. Rush Company, Inc. and Metal One America, Inc. joint venture, headquartered in Houston, TX.
With such close ties to our affiliated vendors, J.D. Rush Company, Inc. now provides products and services to independent and major oil companies throughout the entire North American market and beyond.

Our ability to grow and expand has always been possible due to our executive management’s vision. Additionally, they establish and meet their goals, successfully re-invest within the company, and extend an impeccable standard of business ethics. Most importantly, our company values honesty, trust, and commitment to our loyal customers.

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